Codez token and its allocation

Codez token (CDZ)

The Codez ecosystem is powered by its native utility token, the Codez Token (CDZ). CDZ is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum platform, designed to facilitate seamless transactions and interactions within our network. As the payment method accepted at Codez, CDZ plays a crucial role in driving the growth and development of our platform.

  • Token name: Codez token

  • Token symbol: CDZ

  • Total supply: 100.000.000

Key features of the Codez Token (CDZ) include:

Utility and Value: Codez token serves as the primary medium of exchange within the Codez ecosystem. Users can utilize CDZ to access various services, tools, and resources offered on our platform, such as purchasing premium features, participating in exclusive events, and accessing advanced educational content. As the demand for our services grows, the utility and value of Codez token are expected to increase accordingly.

Seamless Transactions: CDZ enables fast, secure, and cost-effective transactions within the Codez.Network ecosystem. By leveraging the Ethereum platform's robust infrastructure, we ensure that our users can enjoy a seamless and frictionless experience when transacting with CDZ.

Incentivizing Participation: CDZ serves as an incentive mechanism to encourage active participation and contribution to the Codez community. Users can earn Codez token by engaging in various activities, such as providing valuable feedback, reporting security vulnerabilities, or contributing to the development of new features and tools. This incentive structure fosters a vibrant and collaborative community that drives the continuous improvement of our platform.

Wide Accessibility: As an ERC-20 token, Codez token is compatible with a wide range of wallets, exchanges, and other Ethereum-based services. This compatibility ensures that our users can easily acquire, store, and trade CDZ, further enhancing its accessibility and utility within the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Token Allocation and DistributionIn

Our goal is to ensure a fair and transparent distribution process that benefits all stakeholders, including investors, team members, advisors, and the community.

Seed: 3% (3,000,000 tokens)

  • TGE: 5%

  • Price: $0.05

  • Cliff: 2 months lockup

  • Vesting: 8 months linear unlock

Private Sale: 5.5% (5,500,000 tokens)

  • TGE: 8%

  • Price: $0.08

  • Cliff: 1.5 months lockup

  • Vesting: 6 months linear unlock

Strategic Round: 4.5% (4,500,000 tokens)

  • TGE: 12%

  • Price: $0.12

  • Cliff: 1 month lockup

  • Vesting: 4 months linear unlock

Public Sale: 2% (2,000,000 tokens)

  • TGE: 20%

  • Price: $0.15

  • Cliff: 0.5 months lockup

  • Vesting: 2 months linear unlock

Team: 10% (10,000,000 tokens)

  • TGE: 0%

  • Cliff: 12 months lockup

  • Vesting: 24 months linear unlock

Reserves: 12% (12,000,000 tokens)

  • TGE: 0%

  • Cliff: 12 months lockup

  • Vesting: 24 months linear unlock

Advisors: 5% (5,000,000 tokens)

  • TGE: 0%

  • Cliff: 6 months lockup

  • Vesting: 36 months linear unlock

Marketing: 10% (10,000,000 tokens)

  • TGE: 0%

  • Cliff: 1 month lockup

  • Vesting: 36 months linear unlock

Liquidity Fund: 19% (19,000,000 tokens)

  • TGE: 10%

  • Cliff: -

  • Vesting: -

DAO Incentives: 10% (10,000,000 tokens)

  • TGE: 0%

  • Cliff: 6 months lockup

  • Vesting: 24 months linear unlock

Staking: 19% (19,000,000 tokens)

  • TGE: 0%

  • Cliff: 4 months lockup

  • Vesting: 24 months linear unlock

Our token allocation strategy aims to balance the interests of all parties involved, ensuring long-term growth and sustainability. By implementing lockup periods and vesting schedules, we encourage long-term commitment from our team, advisors, and early investors. Additionally, the allocation for liquidity, DAO, and incentives ensures that our ecosystem remains robust and well-funded, fostering innovation and community engagement.

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