Codez DAO

Financial model and community engagement

We are currently experiencing a revolution and transition from Web2 to Web3. With the growing interest of businesses in innovative solutions based on blockchain dynamic development of the Metaverse, there is a high demand for fast implementation of dApps across many stakeholders. Also the community is way more interested in the development and the security audit, for investment protection and for tech knowledge

Codez will work with a total sustainable financial model, based on a deflationary system and a sustainable DAO reward payment:

  • Every use-ticket bought in token, the 50% will be burned via smart contract and the remaining 50% will end up in the treasury wallet

  • In case of stable token payment, the 50% will be used for a buyback and burn, and the remaining 50% will end up in the treasury wallet

  • The DAO payment will come from the customer payments for the use-ticket

Considering also the community engagement, Codez work with a smart DAO system where the customer have different advantages and opportunities, as the community experience is very valuable for the customer experience. The DAO will be rewarded in case like:

  • Bug research

  • Contract improvement - UI/UX design

  • dApp review

Also, the DAO will have a variable reward (through dynamic NFT growing level rank), and decision power in the platform decision making (vote, elections etc).

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