About us

Codez is led by a team of experienced professionals with a diverse range of skills and expertise in the blockchain and IT industries. Our team is committed to democratizing access to smart contract creation and auditing, making web3 accessible to everyone.

  1. Mateusz Mach, CEO

Our founder and CEO is a tech entrepreneur and global Forbes 30 Under 30 finalist. He co-founded OPUS, the world's first blockchain-based music streaming platform, and in 2016 founded Nextrope, a web3 software house and venture builder.

  1. Paulina Lewandowska, Head of Business Development

Paulina Lewandowska is a BizDev specialist in the IT sector. She previously served as a project manager and business relations lead at Nextrope, where she acquired multiple partnerships with leading institutions and blockchain projects.

  1. Krzysztof Reniecki, CTO

Krzysztof Reniecki was a lead developer at Opus, one of the first decentralized music sharing platforms. He is a full-stack developer with extensive experience in leading blockchain development in projects such as PaybSwap, Skinwallet, and Tcake-analytics tool.

  1. Michał Andrzejewski, BizDev Advisor

Michał Andrzejewski is an economist and European lawyer. He is an alumnus and researcher at NYU and Bocconi and currently works in the FinTech industry, advising clients on blockchain use cases and web3 project funding.

  1. Andrzej Ciołek, Chief of Growth

Andrzej Ciołek is a crypto expert and market maker. He co-founded Peoplez and has been working in the blockchain industry since 2016. With his expertise in crypto and market making, he is committed to driving growth and expansion for our platform.

  1. Dominik Poszywała, Head of Relations

Dominik Poszywała is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. He is the CEO of Peoplez and has extensive interpersonal skills that allow him to acquire new business partners and maintain positive relationships with them.

Together, our team is committed to driving innovation and growth in the blockchain industry, making web3 accessible to everyone through our AI-powered platform for smart contract creation and auditing.

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